News Letter May 2019

News Letter May 2019

Established over 6 years ago Ben’s Army has become one of the largest gyms in Ballarat assisting over 800 residents in achieving their health and fitness goals! We are so pleased to welcome you on board and help you take your next steps towards your goal.
Our team focus on the individual and understands that one size truly does not fit all, we have coaches available to assist you that specialize in nutrition, body composition, strength and conditioning, general fitness, sport specific training and rehabilitation.


Bach Exercise & Sport Science
Highly skilled in Strength & Conditioning, he is the ideal coach to assist any athlete looking to develop their skills to an elite sporting level or rehabilitate any current/past injury to get you performing at your very best. 

Owner & certified Powerlifting Coach
Ben has over a decade of experience as a fitness instructor, beginning in the army and has created a gym to suit a vast array of clients. 
Since finding his passion for the sport, Ben specializes in all things Powerlifting and has created a friendly and vibrant Powerlifting community here at the gym.

Hypertrophy, fat loss & nutrition
Driven by the never ending potential for progress, Coral strives to prove to her clients that they can achieve absolutely anything if they put their mind to it and are willing to commit! 
Specializing in body composition, nutrition, fat-loss and is invested in constantly learning more about the human body to help you achieve your goal.

Fitness, Boxing Instructor
Danni has been with us since the beginning and is a well loved member of the crew. Specializing in female fitness, group training and boxing for fitness Danni’s approach will make getting to the gym a breeze.

Powerlifting and Strength & Conditioning
Jacob is a light hearted and well knowledgeable trainer assisting in the coaching of the Powerlifting group here which aligns with his passion for strength and muscle development. 
Should you need any tips or assistance around the gym he is always happy to help.

Firstly I would like to extend a personal welcome to the gym. Essentially our goal is to help you achieve confidence and for you to reach your body’s full potential. 
It is important to remember that your body is a machine that responds to certain factors. This includes but is not limited to Energy Balance (caloric intake) and mechanical tension required to build muscle.
What you do physically and how you fuel your body will ultimately determine your body composition outcome. To put it in plain and simple Terms. Recovery is 10%, Training is 10% and Nutrition is 80% of the pie when it comes to ANY fitness goal. 
My best advice to anyone with a set fitness goal wether it be weight loss or to gain muscle mass is to invest in a coach. You don’t need to have a coach for life but you are likely to succeed with some education.
So beginning with a coach first off will set you up for life with the tools and knowledge you really need.
By gaining an understanding of why we need food and why we need certain types of training making those small lifestyle changes become easier and are more sustainable.

Plateaus will happen but for a reason, ask one of our team members for tools on how you can break through a plateau.


If you are currently going through a plateau, be patient and stick to your routine. 
The scales may actually be sticking due to water retention in now empty fat cells due to your dieting phase, continue on, drink plenty and reduce stress. There can be many causes of a plateau as your body physiologically adapts.
1) Find a committed or like minded gym buddy.
2) Create a routine. Set time aside and get a flow to assist with consistency
3) Re-design your goals. Are they achievable and realistic? Set small goals to achieve and get the ball rolling.
4) Establish the cause of of why your weight has stopped dropping

People refer to this as time under tension, studies show that our muscles grow with mechanical tension. This means that the muscle has to be under load for a good period of time as it moves through a concentric and eccentric phase (stretching and contracting). It is common to see people in the gym rushing Or shifting weight using momentum instead of really focusing on moving the weight with the correct technique. Try really slowing down the rep concentrating on the right muscles stretching then engaging them to contract. 

Count in your head a steady tempo throughout your sets for maximum results. 


Our facility has over 70 machines with a vast variety of weight plate, pin loaded, cardio machines and free weights suitable for all levels of fitness. 


No matter your strength/fitness or goal we have something for you here at our gym and to help you get started we have written up our favourite exercises and why they are most beneficial to you.

1)HEX Bar Deadlift - Advanced/intermediate 

The Hex bar deadlift is overall a great exercise as it recruits a larger variety of muscle groups through the body especially back/core and legs. Benefits from this include overall body workout, strength and power and due to its higher muscle recruitment can burn more energy. It makes for the ideal initial exercise for either a leg or upper body workout.

2) Leg Press 


We all love the leg press here at Ben’s Army! That is why we have 4x variations of the machine, each of which target the entire leg but some focus more on the Glutes and other Quad or Hamstring. The leg press is ideal for someone to build some serious strength before working up to a squat or even as an accessory exercise.

3) Seated Row (Close Grip)- Beginner/Advanced/intermediate - Compound


There are many variations to the standard row. We strongly suggest that you begin on the machine row before moving onto the cable to build base strength and form. The key to this exercise is not to use your shoulders. See below for a prime example of form. Remember to bring shoulder blades down and back and continue to squeeze your back and drive through the elbows rather than yanking and shrugging. Your shoulder comes back as you protract your shoulder blade so that your arm is in an almost 90 degree angle... avoid the “chicken wing” also shown below.

4)  Shoulder Press 


There are always many variations for any exercise the best option to build base strength is to use one of our shoulder press machines to start. Once you have a good base strength and form you may wish to progress got dumbbell or barbell shoulder press in your training. This is perfect for anyone looking to increase overall upper body strength!

5)  Chest Press

A huge muscle group to the upper body is the Pectorials aka the chest. We suggest starting with the machine chest press to start remembering to limit risk of impingement in the shoulder by keeping your chest high and elbows low. HOWEVER it is imperative to STRETCH this muscle group frequently throughout the day. As a majority of us work behind a desk and most of our daily movements involve forward actions our pecs can shorten over time causing bad posture and back or shoulder issues. The best way to combat these issues include prioritise training back regularly and stretching the pecs. You may wish to consider a few sets of Seated Rows to complete a chest day for balance and so they don’t become too tight.

6)  Lunges 

Beginner in the gym should seek to start with body weight lunges progressing onto other variations such as the walking lunge and weighted lunges. Focus on standing tall, bracing the core and lunging straight down. Try to avoid lunging forward into the toes and loading the knees - this is one of the most common reasons people have knee pain when they lunge and is easily avoided through correct technique. 


So you have just set out on your fitness journey, fantastic news.

 Some of the most experienced gym goers and athletes will agree that whilst it is important to be driven and set goals, we really need to consider if they are first realistic. For example aiming to lose 30kg when you only have 12kg of body fat to lose to be at a healthy body fat level. Or for someone with no running experience wanting to run a marathon in 5 weeks, is unrealistic due to the level of preparation required.

Remember a goal should be SMART:





T- timed


For Example

S - Weight loss of 5kg in 2 months

M- can be measured through weight on scales, and tape measurements

A- this is an achievable amount of weight for a beginner but allows flexibility and not overly strict dieting likely to cause rebound

R- this is a realistic goal, aiming for 20kg in 2 months would be extreme and you may not actually have 20kg of fat on your body. It also accounts for any muscle mass weight that may be gained.

T- Setting a goal of 2 months gives you a limit to work towards, keeping it relatively short in this case may be more beneficial to someone just starting out with changing their health and nutrition

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