What effects does exercise have on the mind???

Mental Health, more specifically depression, is a huge problem in society. A wide variety of people experience mental health issues in some point in their lives. However most people do not know how to cope with the complications of depression and anxiety. Or have knowledge of where to go and who to talk to about the problems at hand and can lead to the tragic result of suicide... yes, a difficult subject to talk about but needs to be discussed.
Every year, approximately 65,000 Australians make a suicide attempt. More than 3000 people in Australia died by suicide in 2017. It is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44 years of age. (Statistics from blackdoginstitute.org.au).

Depression is a condition characterised by persistent low mood, lack of positive affect and loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities.
Depression can be cyclical, relapsing after a period of stability.

Risk factors:
-Parents, spouse or other family member with depression
-Physical illness eg: stroke, cancer 
-Alcohol use and dependence 
-Child abuse and neglect


Data suggests:
1. Active people are less depressed than inactive
2. Active people who stop are more depressed than those who continue

Conigtive benefits:
* Increased self-confidence 
* Improved self-efficacy 
*Improved ability to cope with personal problems
*Improved general well-bring
*Decreased anxiety and depression

Distractions... they can certainly help those feelings of depression of anxiety but will not be the ultimate cure for it.
Distractions do however prevent overthinking the past or future and encourage 'living in the moment'. Exercise provides opportunity for distraction from stressful or depressive routines. Exercise distractions reduces depression more than relaxation and enjoyable activities distractions (eg: book reading, video games).

Exercise Recommendations:
-At least 150 mins per week of moderate intensity (30- 60 mins most days of week)
-75 mins of vigorous exercise
-Movements involving large muscle groups
-Resistance training at least twice per week.

Exercise or any form of Physical Activity will help ease the feelings of depression. 

Rochelle being my model for today, loving her workout with Coral beforehand! 😁

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