Carb Myths

Carb Myths


1) Carbs are NOT the reason you gain weight! Not regulating your energy balance will always be the reason for you gaining excess fat.

2) There is no such thing as a good or bad carb. They all differ in a range of qualities such as: how your body breaks it down, starch, fibre, ability to spike insulin etc- Doesn’t make one carb source bad and one good.

As a rule of thumb with my own nutrition and one I would suggest to a client is to stick to cleaner, less processed forms of carbohydrates as they are more nutrient dense and filling as opposed to something like bread which is processed with added sodium, sugars and preservatives. 

Essentially though, if it fits within your calories (and/or macros) and you want a slice of bread... go enjoy some bread.

There are plenty of other sources for carbohydrates out there. I.e banana, rice cakes, wraps, bagels.

This is essentially what it comes down to, if you are cutting and feeling hungry, the Carisma potato is a good option. If you need a bit of an insulin and potassium boost post workout then go for banana.

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