How to smash goals 101

How to smash goals 101

How to smash goals 101

do you find yourself struggling to reach your health and fitness goals or stick to a diet long term? You jump right in and go great for the first week and then begin to makes small excuses that convince yourself it was okay to skip the gym today or reason with yourself as to why you overslept. 

If you aren’t meeting your goals it’s probably because you have been unrealistic about them and let’s face it, you probably have based it on what you have seen some one else do... “ I saw blah blah was on this diet and she lost blah kg.” So here are the best possible tips I can give you to get yourself actually reaching your goals:

be realistic with yourself! Can you really just go cold turkey off chocolate? Probably not and why would you it’s yum. Just reduce your intake slowly or find alternatives to hit your sweet tooth I.e protein bar or banana. Do tell yourself you will start going to the gym 5 days a week if you have just started and you aren’t comfortable. Ease yourself into it, start on the treadmill if need be. Just do something that gets you moving. 

😄Enjoy it! Working out is not a chore! You’ve heard it before but it’s good for your mental health, you meet friends and focus on your long term strength... do you want to get to 70 and struggle to get up off the couch or would you like to still be that rocking grandma that shows her grand babies up in front of their friends?

create routine. Again don’t dive straight in, start adding in things you need to get done. Normally wake up at 8am? Cool, start by waking up at 7:30 then reduce it down to 6am.

cut out the excuses and hold yourself accountable for your own bull***t. You let yourself down and give up because you think “well I ruined it today so it’s all right over” guess what? It isn’t. 

🥓my personal one is don’t “diet” make small little changes to your eating habits. You don’t stay on a diet Forever but you can learn to eat slightly cleaner. Slow and sustainable is better for the mind and body. 

If you really want to do it, it will be done. Life can create diversions but just because the gps takes you on a diverted route doesn’t mean you don’t get to your destination 💪


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