What's a good Protein source

Everyone knows protein is essential for recovery. But what sources are best and why is a little less clear.

Ultimately, it comes down to their individual amino acid profile and digestibility. The more abundant they are in certain amino acids the better that protein can be utilised.  Its important to know what’s-what when it come to the quality of protein in your diet. 

Plant based proteins lack some of the essential amino acids (except soy). Because of this they are classed as ‘incomplete proteins’. If you’re someone who doesn’t eat animal foods for whatever reason, my advice would be to use as many different sources of protein as possible because what one lacks, another will make up.
5 good sources of plant proteins: 
- Tofu and other Soy products
- Beans and Legumes 
- Hempseed
- Quinoa 
- Spirulina 
As for anyone else eating animal foods, these are generally complete proteins as the contain all essential amino acids. 
5 good sources of animal proteins: 
- Egg whites
- Chicken 
- Lean Beef
- Fish
- Whey 

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