?? Alcohol and Fat Loss don’t mix! ??

?? Alcohol and Fat Loss don’t mix! ??

🍺 Alcohol and Fat Loss don’t mix! 🍺

I like a drink with mates as much as the next Aussie..
BUT, if you are trying to achieve fitness related or fat loss goals then excessive alcohol consumption can have reverse effects on your progress.

🍽 Empty Calories: Calories consumed through drinking alcohol have no nutritional value that benefit your fitness goals I.e protein. That’s on top of the fact that your liver is too busy trying to process the alcohol to even assist in absorbing any nutrients you do get.

❌ Filters: The symptoms of alcohol which everyone is aware of are caused by the alcohol in the blood, the liver and kidneys this is because they are working harder to filter the blood. This can cause long term damage and also make it harder for the body to be rid of toxins caused by bad diet and/or medications- again hindering your chances of meeting your fitness goals.

☠️ Malnutrition: With the body under so much stress it is unable to absorb vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy body would. 
This means your body isn’t recovering 100% after a workout. If you train for a sport or workout at a gym, alcohol could be a massive percentage of the reason you are not making the ideal progress. Consider this - if you work out daily and drink each weekend, you’ll be taking 2 steps forward during the week only to take 3 steps back during the weekend.

🍰 Blood Sugar Levels: Heavy consumption of alcohol can affect your body's ability to control the production of glucose in the blood at a healthy level.
When you consume carbohydrates of some kind, it releases glucose into the blood which then tells the pancreas to release insulin in order to regulate it. The Insulin hormone is what helps the cells absorb the key nutrients which is needed to repair and build muscles.
If alcohol restricts the insulin from being released.. just think... where will the sugar go if it isn’t used up?... that's right it gets stored! ... keep reading....

⚖️ Weight Gain: When glucose isn’t being used up to help repair the body (as energy), it is stored into a form known as fat (fat gain).... ah the enemy! 

🍎 Stomach Health: Find yourself a feeling a bit blue the few days after a big night out on the drink? Alcohol can also cause inflammation of the intestines and stomach lining. Our stomachs produce the bulk of a hormone called serotonin (aka the happy hormone for our brains) hence why Alcohol is considered a depressant. 

💪🏻 Muscle Loss: Decreased muscle mass can occur due to the constant nutrient deficiency to our muscles.
Muscles need nutrients to repair and grow, depending how much alcohol is consumed and how consistent, the body could take up to 2 to 3 days to recover from the damage of alcohol! Commonly known as a hangover.

💧 Dehydration: Alcohol can dehydrate you in a variety of ways.
One being similar to how it affects insulin, alcohol can decrease the body’s production of anti- diuretic hormone, which is used by the body to reabsorb water.
With less anti-diuretic hormones your body loses water through increased urination.
Without water your muscles are at risk of cramping or getting tight.
Also water helps with blood flow to the muscles and contractions (easier to flex and get a pump). 

Something to consider before you decide to go out “for a few””, think long term. 


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