Fitness Mistakes

Fitness Mistakes




Fitness mistakes that are commonly made when making a change to a healthy/fitness lifestyle..

👎 Clean eating does not mean you'll consistently loose weight. 
You may loose weight in the first few weeks due to detoxing and healing of inflammation that bad food causes in the organs and various body parts. But you'll need to consume in a deficit to you energy expenditure to loose weight. In the end it always comes down to input vs output. 

👎 Heavy lifting does not make you bulky! 
This this is a myth! 
Growing muscle in fact creates muscle tone, guys will naturally get bigger due to having higher levels of testosterone but even then it depends on the consistency of the training and intake of food.

👎 Carbohydrates will not make you fat! 
Simple carbs digest fast and is used by the body as an energy source. Think of it as fuel like petrol is for a car but only it’s your body..

👎 Light Weights will not make you toned.
Your body adapts under load and stress, if it's too easy then your body is not under stress and wouldn’t need to adapt, essentially you would be maintaining and not changing. If you consistently put your muscles under stress your body has no choice but to adapt so it becomes use to the weight and movement.
As my chiropractor said to me, "if you're sore from a workout it's because you haven't trained it enough in the past".

👎 Eating late will not store as fat.
Your body does most of its repairing while you're in a deep sleep (R.E.M.), it also need fuel to repair.
That does not mean junk food, remember you wouldn't shove sand in your cars fuel tank and expect it to get you far.

Stay Motivated and train smart 💪🏻 

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