Core Exercise

Core Exercise

Rehab client Christie performing a favourite of mine, the Deadbug! 
Christie came to me post knee surgery (tibial plateau fracture), with limited range of motion (knee flexion and extension was difficult)... 3 weeks under my supervision and guidance, Christie has reached full knee extension and is finding some exercises such as the Wall Squat Holds and Deadbugs simpler as now she no longer feels pain completing these exercises. 

With the Deadbug, because the extended leg was not touching the ground, the quadricep is forced to resist gravities pull to the ground (strength development). 2 weeks ago, Christie could not do this without pain running around her knee so we utilised simpler other rehab exercises that I had prescribed so that we could get to the Deadbug. Now, she finds no pain performing this movement meaning adaptation to the stress placed on the quad and the knee has occurred and is now a step closer to returning to normal function and getting back on the horse (literally). 
Our next goal is to try and restore full knee flexion as best we can, before proceeding! 
Awesome work Christie!! I'm very proud of your efforts and commitment to our program 😁💪🐎 
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