Letter to My Trainer

Letter to My Trainer

A letter to my trainer…Follows a letter of testimony to how amazing a trainer and person you are. It is not that I am not forever appreciative and thankful for everything you have done for me and endured with me. I will always be thankful…

Tonight however I felt the need to write it down for you (I am potentially blaming sleep deprivation or lack of oxygen to the brain for this overly sentimental and rare moment).

The statement arose that you could not see me training alongside another PT, as seemingly harmless as the statement was what resonated with me was/is just how true it is.

I would not and could not train with, or see myself training with another PT. This in itself is a statement of how brilliant a trainer you are.

I must take a little credit as the pain at times was not easy to endure, it would have been much easier to throw in the towel. Having said this, I am stubborn. And you alongside this are just as stubborn, you endured my pain, poor attitude, anger and frustration when I’m sure it would also have been easier for you to throw in the towel. We have overcome much, broken foot, spinal damage and gluten intolerance…not to mention this pesky reoccurring issue with my iron levels and blood.

I am proud, honoured and respectful to have had and still have you as my train…and potentially one day a friend.

I look forward to many long years of training with you and at Ben’s Army as bootcamp with yourself and Corey (who is also an absolutely exceptional trainer) has been exceedingly beneficial to my health, fitness…and despite my doubts and initial frustrating at the idea…my confidence.

Therefore it is not lightly that I state I will do my very best to stay within a distance I can still attend Ben’s Army, and if it happens I need to move away…I will be back

Thank you so so much, for everything!!

I look forward to what the future on the new path we have forged (especially this year) will hold




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