Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

Lets Talk About It, the hard things that most dont like to talk about anxiety, stress, depression.

We are proud to accommodate every body in every way as we understand how scary a GYM can be and how truly hard life really is.
Bree’s Story-
Bree inboxed us last week telling us abit about her self and asking what we can do to help, she ended the message with “Sorry for the long message just nervous and anxious, i just want to loose my weight and be happy again, but i am worried bout being judged i don’t even go supermarket shopping I get it delivered because I have anxiety attacks – Bree”

Ben’s Army is great for anyone feeling like this because we work out times to train you when no one is in the GYM, our trainers are so welcoming and all of our clients are chosen because they fit our friendly and non judgmental vibe.
But dont take our word for it, Bree has only been coming for 3 days and she loves it and better yet even her kids love coming too!
We cant wait to update you on Bree’s story when she is ready 🙂


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