Alcohol Destruction

Alcohol Destruction

Alcohol Destruction

Empty Calories, the body must metabolize calories from alcohol straight away and is unable to use it as energy (weight gain), plus there is a huge amount of empty calories from alcohol

Malnutrition, Alcohol become the up most priority to process over all other, Zero Nutrients can be absorbed during this time and impairs your bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. (Thought for the day- We are vitamin and mineral deficient already)

Blood Sugar Level- A key component for your metabolism is to regulate your blood sugar level (insulin), but when processing alcohol the body shoves this process to the side so it can process the alcohol, this limits your bodies’ ability to produce healthy glucose levels in the blood. Over time heavy drinkers will over time develop diabetes

Wight Gain- Since calories from alcohol cant be used as energy efficiently they are stored as body fat, and since all other metabolic processes suffer when processing alcohol the body wont process carbs and fats properly and this slows down your metabolism a lot and we all know people with slow metabolisms have weight gain issues

Gut Issues- Alcohol irritates your intestinal track causing inflammation and I’v done a video explaining that our gut produces serotonin our happy drug for our brain

Muscle Loss- You WILL Lose muscle due to slowed metabolism and nutrient deficiency. Metabolism Repair Time, It takes about 72 hours after drinking alcohol to be come normal again and then add on another 24 hours to become efficient again, so straight away your body is inefficient 4 out of 7 days to absorb vitamins and minerals, stabilize blood sugar levels, cant metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

Dehydration, we all know alcohol dehydrates you and this causes all sorts of issues in its own rights.



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