10 Tips to Eating Out Healthy

10 Tips to Eating Out Healthy

The misconception when living a healthy life style is that your social life goes out the door. FALSE! a massive part of staying motivated to reach your goals comes from friends and family so don’t turn down that family brunch or girls night out/boys night in, simply make better choices… don’t worry we have some great tips and tricks to keep you on track, whether its date night or a work lunch you don’t have to count it as your cheat meal.

One of the main issues with eating out is that it adds an extra one-third of kilojoules to an other wise home cooked meal. This is simply due to extra oil, fewer vegetables, fatty meats and pasta-based dishes. Don’t throw in the towel on your next social dinner just yet… preventing weight gain is easy with a few basics in food selection outside the home.

1- Never go to a restaurant starving! If you arrive at a restaurant very hungry, you can guarantee the bread and oil and your three-course meal will be finished in no time. avoid this by having some nuts or protein snack 2 hours or so before.

2- Differentiate everyday eating occasions from special dining out experiences. If you are going to a restaurant for a special event as an anniversary or birthday then enjoy it and order what you feel like. But if you are just having a work lunch on a Monday afternoon, stick to a basic meat and vegetables.


3- Don’t be afraid to ask wait staff for light menu options. Many restaurants have grills, salads and low-kilojoule options for the diet conscious, and are happy to cater to dietary requirements.

4- ONLY DRINK WATER – simply water is the only drink with no sugar no fat and no guilt, ask for a few fresh lemon slices to add flavour and drink at lest 3 glasses before the meal comes this will make you feel full and stop you from over eating. (and its cheaper $$)


5- Order extra vegetables, every time they fill you up. Remember we need at least two cups of vegetables at dinner for a nutritionally balanced meal anyways so swap your chips for greens.

6- Stay clear of heavy rice and pasta dishes. Risotto, creamy pasta dishes, pizza and paella are common restaurant selections but are high in carbohydrates and fat, so avoid these meals, trust me you can make a better one at home with less than half the fat and so much more ingredients.

7- Avoid words such as “pan-fried,” “crispy,” “scalloped,” “gratin,” “dipped,” and “alfredo.” Meals with those words have a lot of hidden fat and sodium. Instead look for meals with words such as “grilled,” “steamed” and “baked.



8- Eat slowly to let fullness register It takes up to 20 minutes for the body to register fullness, so eat slowly and put your knife and fork down in between each mouthful.

9- Avoid bread, If you are serious about weight control then bread is a no go zone even that really “healthy” looking penne.

10- Skip Dessert, but if you have to at least share dessert, did you know more than 50 per cent of the pleasure associated with dessert is in the first mouthful? Sharing means you halve your kilojoule intake but still enjoy your favourite desserts. If you are choosing dessert then choose entree sizes, you are likely to only need entree-sized main meals.


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