How can training help me improve in my sport?

How can training help me improve in my sport?

Sports Specific Personal Training

Sporting clubs are everywhere around Ballarat from the extreme contact like gridiron to the more delicate like dancing. Whether your goal is to become the best athlete you can be, or simply lose a few extra kilos whilst improving at your chosen sport, Ben’s Army – sports specific personal training can help you.

A passion for sporting activities often creates a passion for improvement, training within the sport alone is great at improving skills and techniques, but what about off season? People seem to forget that further training can help boost your results and set you or your team above the rest.

Using advanced techniques and methods that mimic your sport with the intention of creating improvement in speed, power, agility, balance and strength we will maximise results and decrease injury.

Injury prevention is a critical component of training for sports, for if you get injured you don’t play! Ben’s Army work closely with Justin from Elite Sports Therapy who helps with any previous and existing injuries, our rehabilitation and core strength training is essential for anyone playing sports.

NFL Sports Specific Personal Training

(1) Andrew is developing his stance and takeoff, Andrew plays Defensive End.
(2) Ben is developing sprint power and endurance, Ben plays Running Back


Ben’s Army Proudly Sponsor The Ballarat Falcons and Kerstals, Ballarat’s only Men’s and Women’s American Football Club (NFL). Many players including our Trainers Ben, Corey and Sharna train at Ben’s Army to improve their skills.

Football players who train with us are able to stay in the game for longer periods of time and often are able to achieve more with-in that time. Dances have claimed that their balance and posture had improved which therefore improved their dancing. Netball players have said that their confidence with-in them selfs has helped them jump higher as they knew their legs would support them with the extra strength they have gained. Soccer players have come to Ben’s Army to increase kicking strength and running abilities. Basketball players have seen improvements in the upper part of their body, this added muscular strength helped to improve chest passes and goal shooting.

Basketball/Netball Sports Specific Personal Training

Corey is developing the muscle used in a vertical jump to increase hight and power. Acceleration and stopping power is also improved using this exercise.


A recent combine that was held at Ben’s Army studio gave us a great insight on the differences between individuals that trained with our personal trainers or attending our bootcamps compared to others who only attend the teams training sessions. Not only were their results better but their risk of injury was significantly lowered, as they were more aware of proper technique and had more awareness over what their bodies strengths were.

AFL Sports Specific Personal Training

Nathan and Branden are developing fast change in direction, strong sprints and endurance.


If you are keen sportsmen or sportswomen who wants a training program and to improve performance and make you the best at your chosen sport, we can help you!

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