Summer Bodies are Made in Winter!

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter!


Stop, Dont hibernate for the winter.

Researchers studied a group of 12 women and six men in both summer and winter, they discovered that their production of ATLPL, a chemical that promotes fat storage, almost doubled during the winter and dropped during the summer. Scientist’s said – “We found that people who are normally physically active are more protected from this dreaded winter weight gain.”




Look the part- Feel the part

There is a link between clothing and mind-set, I’ve never really understood the fashion industry; those people are so clothes minded.. But it is proven that there’s a subconscious association between baggy clothes and lounging. To help break the lazy spell, pick clothing in red, pink, or bright blue. Mood research suggests that these colors jolt your senses and help energize you! Don’t settle on your sofa until you’ve completed your workout for the day. It’s a motivation killer! Change from your work clothes directly into workout wear.


Clean Eating, Clear Mind, Double Motivation

Winter can trigger cravings for comforting, sweet carbs because diminished sunlight during the season makes serotonin in the brain less active. Your brain is making you desire carbs because after you eat them, your serotonin level will rise. Not enough serotonin makes you tired hungry and cranky! Wurtman’s research found that “carbohydrate cravers” may consume an additional 800 calories more a day because they satisfy their munchies with fatty carbs; indulge like that for five days straight and you’ll gain weight faster. Because cravings and bad moods tend to grow stronger as the day goes on, try to eat protein and vegetables for breakfast and lunch and put yourself in a good mood during winter’s dark days by instead eating low-fat, healthy carbs, such as sweet potatoes.

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