Winter Cold and Flu

Winter Cold and Flu

It happens every year, winter cold and flu’s hit the population and everyone has the sniffles, Do you get the annual cold and flu?

I see so many people that get sick so easy and it can all be avoided just by looking after your self a little better.

Obviously keeping fit will help but these days our foods are so under nourished that we simply don’t get enough from our food sources especially when you include takeaway its all empty calories that simply just make us fatter and give us no nutritional value at all.

I always recommend the use of
(1) Vitamin D3, we get D3 from the sun and since we live in Ballarat Vic where itsover cast half the year and cold we simply cant get enough D3 from the sun, D3 is very important for calcium absorption, mood, hormone production, strength and athletic performance, immune system and energy production.

(2) Magnesium, nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium. Low Magnesium is most likely the reason why you cant sleep at night time or get deep sleep. plus magnesium helps with depression, protein synthesis, improve heart health, insulin sensitivity, stress management and helps treat ADHA

(3)Zinc. Iv been in a room of 50 personal trainers and 90% were low in Zinc, so what would the general population be like, extremely low!!! Signs of low zinc alert energy, chronic fatigue, infertility, poor immune system, bad memory, inability to focus, ADD symptoms, slow wound healing, nerve dysfunction and ringing in the ears.
So many people have these symptoms and don’t know what from!

(4) Fish Oils, 4 main reasons to use fish oil, (1)It helps loose body weight through better insulin control, (2)Help build muscle through decrease of cortizole (stress Hormone), cortizole makes it a lot harder to build muscle, (3) Decrease inflammation what do you take when you have sore muscles? anti inflammatories lol well fish oils have the same properties, (4) improve insulin sensitivity, people that really struggle with weight loss usually have bad insulin sensitivity, so by helping your sensitivity you can really help to loose more weight.

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