Importance of a big bum.

Importance of a big bum.

A great booty serves more than just appearances as Jarli explains 👌

Repost from Jarli Humm Fitness Coach

Importance of a big bum.
Having strong glutes is extremely important for everyone and here's why. The gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius work alongside the hamstring muscles, bycept femoris, semitendinoses and semimembranosis to extend, rotate and abduct the hip along with the stabilisation of the pelvis.

These muscles as a byproduct of hypotrophy, as in getting stronger, improve posture, alleviate lower back pain along with pain in the hips and knees, and enhance athletic performance.

If your glutes arnt strong enough accessory muscles will take over the movement and become over stressed which causes alot of pain and can lead to injury. Often when people complain about lower back pain it's due to a tightness in their hipflexors which are over developed due to the glutes not being strong enough for their intended purpose.

So everyone work on those glutes your body will thank you!

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