How long should you rest?

How long should you rest?

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How long should you rest?

Well it used to be thought that shorter rest periods were better becuase it elevated hormonal levels, acute anabolic hormonal response however Brad shoenfeld has shown that this has little to no effect whatsoever in increasing muscle mass through hypotrophy. So simply put the post exercise bump in testosterone does not increase gainzz.

He so followed that up with another study showing 3 min rest between sets compared to 1 minute had greater effects on muscle growth. So the longer you rest between sets the better, your not being lazy your increasing your muscle hypotrophy. 

However a systematic review showed this effect works greater for highly trained level lifters not, those in a beginning stage of weight lifting, since almost anything you do as a beginner results in massive levels of adaptation. So even a bad program can get you good results as a beginner. 

But just because you speed up your workout with quick rest times doesn't mean you won't grow, you can still get results that just won't be as large as they potentially could be.

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