Female Weight Training

Female Weight Training

Our Coach Jarli is doing some posts on female strength training and how they can differ, here is Jarli's first post on the topic.

So first thing that women should do when they train is use higher reps, anywhere from 10 to 30 per set.

So why is this. Well untrained men and women both have similar distribution of muscle fibre types but when training commences these convert predominantly to type l. Whereas with most men they mainly change to type lla fibres.

Now this means that women are more resistant to fatigue then men. Women can do more reps at a given intensity then men.

Because women have more slow-twitch muscles, they should train their type I fibers more than men to grow to their full potential. This can be done by performing more reps per set.

This leads to women being able to handle more volume. However there is also another extremely relevant factor.. Estrogen. 
Its an anti-catabolic hormone that aids in muscle repair, reduces protein break-down during exercise and protects you against muscle damage. This allows women to train with a higher training volume without becoming overtrained.

Women are machines in the gym, recently a girl weighing 52kg sqauted 160kg at a powerlifting meet which is insane, proving that women are most definitely not weak.

But there's one thing they don't seem to be great at and that's maximum energy exertion of 1 rep max. (although take note that just because they don't do explosive training nearly as well as men doesnt mean you can't so it, its just not going to be the most effective or efficient way for you to train as a women.)

The superior work capacity of women dispears when we talk about 1 rep max training. Meaning women are not nearly as explosive as a man, men generate force faster. A more efficient motor cortex is why men do better in explosive sports.

Woman tend not to recover well after this type of training but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't lift heavy as a women you just need to focus on your strengths. So lift heavy but in the 10 +rep range to maximise muscle growth. Plenty of women do perform pwerlifting with 3 rep type training and do definitely see results, just be aware that it will take your body longer to recover with that type of training compared to men and you'll perform less volume. Often I talk about men doing 20 sets per muscle group but for women you could potentially do alot higher as in 30 or higher.

Next I'll talk about wether women should do hiit training or steady state cardio

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