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Welcome to Ben's Army, where men and women of all abilities can train. We are, first and foremost, a family-owned business where everyone is greeted by name. We are committed to your goals and we care about helping you get there. We believe that your training should be fun and we work hard to maintain an atmosphere that promotes that. No egos. No intimidation. Plus, we're open 24/7. You train when you want to. No rush to make it on time. We're proud to offer a better solution for health and wellness and we can't wait to help you get started. Join us in Ballarat and see for yourself how we're changing the world of fitness training one day at a time. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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This a great gym which has enabled me to go from a diabetic diagnosis to Powerlifting Maters 1 National Title and record in 18 months! I was initially hesitant and very apprehensive about going to a gym but this feeling soon disappeared after only a few sessions. All the staff are extremely dedicated and do all they can to help you achieve your goals at any level. Ben himself has dedicated a lot of time to help me overcome my health issues and help me achieve more than I ever though I could.... I have now competed in several powerlifting competitions and all at the gym have been supportive and given their time to help on these days. Can not recommend Bens Army enough......

Chris Whyte

Fantastic gym, Ben's Army has an excellent range of equipment, the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and friendly and staff are professional and motivating, under the guidance and support of the trainers I have been able to reach my goals.

Cheryl Coad

Hi I'm Bec and I joined Ben's Army 2 years ago. I only joined because my husband Gareth kept raving about how good it was and I was seeing in him the changes I wanted to see in myself! react-text: 195 I've been to other gyms and never really fit in, I was always self conscious that every one was staring at the "fat" girl in the gym, but Ben's Army is different. I've never felt uncomfortable working out here and I've always felt the encouragement, not just from the awesome trainers, but from the other members as well. It's more like a family than a gym. For nearly 18 years I have battled with an eating disorder, this has had a huge impact on my life and when I joined the gym I still struggled with my food. Joining Ben's Army gave me the confidence and tools required to overcome my battle and though I have had ups and downs the changes I have made have all been positive steps to improving my health and reaching my goals. To date I have lost 20kgs, the right way, through exercise and diet and have gone from size 18-20 down to 12-14! Though not at my final goal this has improved my confidence by leaps and bounds, I have gained muscle and toned up in areas I never thought possible haha! Not to mention the amazing people I have met along the way, these people who now feel like friends. It feels like everyone at the gym has an encouraging word, a good old joke or willing to lend a hand! This gym really feels like an extended family and I couldn't imagine having gotten this far in my journey at any other gym. A huge thanks to all the trainers for their encouragement and knowledge along the way and the other gym members for making me feel comfortable, but most importantly to Lacey for being the best gym buddy and friend but for also keeping me on track.

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Bec's Story

Almost four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease where my own immune system eats away the lining of every joint in my body . With in the space of three months I could not move , and I had forgotten how to walk . The simplest of movement caused extreme pain . After meeting my specialist for the first time , he explained to me that there is no cure , but with the use of a certain drugs we could control it . He also went on to explain that by keeping active and moving would give me the best chance of getting on top of the illness . It seemed strange when he told me that weight training was the best of the exercises in dealing with the disease, giving that I could not even stand up from his chair . He explained that if I could build muscle that would help protect the joints , but even more important was increasing the blood though though the joints which comes from weight training. It took me 18 months after first seeing the specialist, to work out the dosage and finally get moving pain free . At that stage I was ready to look for a gym to begin to win the battle ( that's how I looked at it , and still do ) I went to three gyms before I went to Bens Army , at each gym I explained what I had and asked if they could help ? Ben was the first and only one who told me he would research the illness , and see if he could come up with a plan , and I could run that past the specialist. He did that and I joined Bens Army , that for me turned out to be a life changing decision. After 8 months working with Ben and Corey Davies , I actually got of the drugs I was told I would be on for life , I stayed of them for 9 months before it flared again . Back on a high dose to settle it down , I was more determined to beat it , so with help of the best group of PTS in the town , I increased the work . Added boot camps to the weight training, and meet some of the best people I've ever meet . The dose is now back to a low dose and the aim is to get off it completely. So to Ben and Sharna , Corey and Danni ( crazy ) you guys will never really understand what you have done for me , and I will never be able to thank you enough. But apart from the gains I made with my ongoing battle , I have made , what I would like to think are some life long friends , the gym is my second home ( my wife thinks it's my first ) to say I look forward to getting in there every day is a huge understatement. Corey , the best way to explain my respect for you , is to simply say that I would let you date my daughter ( not now of course) . Bens Army is like no other gym , it really is like a big family. Anyone looking to join a gym , should give Bens Army a look before making a decision, you will not regret it .

Personal Training Ballarat

Gary's Story

My fitness journey with Ben’s Army begins three years ago, back when I was extremely self-conscious and had experienced embarrassment in previous gyms. I used to panic about going to the gym in case people watched me, or I did a technique wrong and got laughed at. After scrolling through facebook and the people I might know, a friendly named popped up I remembered from school, it was Sharna Bolt. Adding her quickly and looking at her page I saw her transformation and passion for exercise. She became an instant inspiration for me and I got in touch with her immediately about getting some help with my exercise. She greeted me with the biggest smile when I walked through the door and I remember for the first time not feeling so anxious to be in a gym. She knew exactly what goals I had in mind and without haste I was pushing a sled. Now I thought I was kind of fit and could handle anything before coming. Well, it appeared I was not the kind of fit I thought I was, and felt muscles in my body I didn’t know I had for the next few days. I trained with Sharna weekly for over 12 months, growing stronger everyr week and becoming happier with the way I looked. In the last few years I have trained with Danni and Ben as well, who have both helped me immensely. Every time I have trained at Ben’s Army I have been pushed to my maximum, they know exactly what my body can push itself to do. Sure I have had bad days, I’ve broken down in tears, I’ve told myself I can’t do it anymore. Anyone who says it is easy to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle is lying, it is challenging, worth it? Absolutely! I can tell you why I haven’t quit and that’s because of all the support and motivation I have received over the last few years from the trainers and other clients. I cannot exaggerate enough that this gym is not just clients, it is a family. From my time at the gym, I have made so many friends from younger people to the older ‘mum and dad’ figures. The older clients are also a daily inspiration for me because it always shows me how anything can be done no matter the limit. One of my favorite things about coming to the gym is hearing the motivational compliments between all the clients, everyone builds each other up and I cannot express how proud that makes me to know the gym I attend actually cares. I can’t quite remember how long ago I stopped feeling completely anxious to come to gym, but it sure does feel good when I walk through those doors to know I’m going to be greeted by a smile, friendly chat and a cheeky ‘You can squat lower, Tiff.’ As far as equipment goes, Ben’s Army have it all. Ben and Sharna are always introducing new toys for their clients to play with. They are always inventing creative ways to celebrate with their clients and listen to any ideas that may be presented. I have seen some incredible transformations from my fellow gym buddies, all from the aid of the trainers and other clients. I have seen full families train in boot-camp together while their small children are entertained in the kids area. I have seen dreams and goals come true. I have seen my own transformation, my own happiness glow. I would not be the person I am today without Ben, Sharna, Danni and Corey supporting through all my tough times in life and fitness. I am a proud Ben’s Army member and will happily tell everyone I know about my Gym family!

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Tiff's Story

Hi my name is lacey im 29 years old and this is my story... 3 years ago i decided to change my life and change it for good i was sick of always bein the fat girl in the picture...takeing that first step was one of the hardest things ive done walking into a gym not knowing what to expect or even what to do.. ben was taking my first class in mums group i felt like i was going to die haha and im not going to lie i thought to myself this is going to be to hard i can't do it... i stuck to it even though there were days my body was in that much pain i struggled to even go to the toilet or pick one of my kids toys of the ground but i did notice a change in my self i was happier i actually looked forward to gym days.. for me that was a shock.. It was about a year and half in i had lost weight everyone had noticed but i came to a stand still and i was ready to quit i became back to old habbits with eating bein lazy not wanting to go until there was some news mums that came and joined the group we all became friends it gave me a new push that i was needing.. i continued on and looked back at old photos and was amazed at how far i had come still not to my goal but i was well on my way... i then went from doing mums groups 3 times a week to adding 2 pt sessions a week with my gym buddy who is now a very close friend who keeps me motivated and we push each other along.. Maybe 6 months ago i was ready to chuck the towel in again and give up i wasnt going to my pt session missing bootcamps i felt i was wasteing money i was eating bad again i was finding every excuse in the book to not go. I sat down with ben had a chat changed a few things around also my gym buddy gave me a little pep talk as she does to give me that pick up and i have been going as strong as ever..only a few weeks ago i brought myself a pair of jeans the first pair of jeans i have brought in just iver 9 years i could never find a pair to fit or suit i was so happy i could finally walk into a shop and Feel great and fit into clothes comfortably going from a size 24 some depending on brand 26 to now a 14 /16 depending on where i shop is a massive achievement i have all my trainers and awesome bootcampers and the best gym partner ever to thank for the motivation and compliments they give. This is the best i have felt in years i may not be at my goal but im sure as hell not far away and no sign to giveing up. Weight loss is a hard and very long journey ups and downs are all apart of it im glad my journey has been with some of the best people i have met who i can now call my friends my journey isn't over its just beginning...bens army isnt just a gym its a family i have met some of the best people who are now life long friends...

Personal Training Ballarat

Lacey's Story

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