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Bodyweight Training is personally on of my favourite types of resistance training. But is it worth doing? Check out the Pros and Cons and decide for yourself!


🔹️ Convenience

🔹️ Enhance relative strength 

🔹️Modifiable to suit different abilities

🔹️Challenges balance and stability

🔹️Teaches fundamental movement patterns


🔹️Upper body emphasis

🔹️Difficult to overload and harder to measure progress compared to when using free weights or machines

🔹️ Generally better suited to those with some training experience

If you feel like a challenge, have a go at this tough, full body workout...

1)  Box Jumps 4x6-8
2)  Tri-set: TRX pistol squat, Chin-ups, Dips 4x10/10/10
3)  Wall sit 4x45 seconds
4)  Superset: Supine row, Push-up 2:2 tempo 3x15/15 
5)  Dead bugs 3x15 per side  

60 seconds rest between sets!

Good luck!

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